10X Basecamp

Located in northern Nevada in Elko County this is an extremely scenic part of the valley and home to a great abundance of wildlife!


You will have panoramic, front seat views of the beautiful Ninemile Mountain from anywhere on this acreage.

This parcel is gently rolling land and is very usable.  You can homestead here, build a cabin, park an RV or pitch a tent.

Have a boat or just want to beat the heat? Water recreation is just a short drive up the canyon to either Crittenden Reservoir or Twenty Three Mile Reservoir. An angler’s paradise!


This 10 Acres is close to thousands of acres of BLM land giving you unlimited space for recreation. Less than 40 miles from Bonneville Salt Flats!  Rest assured.  Neighbors out here are few & far between.

From this property you can head out on trails thru the big valley and all around Ninemile Mountain.  There are vast areas of Forest Service Preserves to explore.

Look for arrowheads, turquoise & gem stones


This acreage is about an hour and 15 minutes drive out from the small town of Montello.  Here you can get your supplies at the general store.  There is also a cafe, saloon, post office, school and friendly folks.  Adventure is calling!

Owner financing is available for just $299 down, a one time $199 documentation fee and then only $145 a month! Click below to invest or contact me to secure this lot today as it won’t last long!    

Property Details
Owner’s Name on the Tax record:Aspen Land Holdings LLC 
APN/Parcel #:01080B003 
Account # or GEO #:n/a 
Property Address:SEC 7 TWP 39N RGE 70E MDB&M, WELLS, NV, 89835 
County:Elko County, NV 
Lot Number:n/a 
Legal Description:SW4NE4NE4; MDB&M 
Parcel Size:10 acres 
Parcel Dimensions:644 ft.x 660 ft.x 639 ft.x 660 ft. approx. 
GPS Coordinates:41.282, -114.084 
GPS Coordinates (4 Corners):41.281, -114.083
41.281, -114.085
41.283, -114.085
41.283, -114.082
Google map link:https://goo.gl/maps/aMqZASFQnbMnkY3x6 
Elevation:5013 ft. 
Access to Property (Dirt or Paved):DirtDirt, Paved, Plated but not Built, No Roads (Land Lock) or Other
Is there an StructureNoneYes or No (If Yes: Explain)
Closest major city:Lucin, Utah 84083, Estados Unidos – 32 mins. 
If No Address or 0 address: Closest Property with Numbered Addressn/a 
Closest small town:Cobre, Nevada 89830, Estados Unidos – 39 mins. 
Nearby attractions:Western Heritage Park, Wells, NV 89835 – 70 mins.
Archie Smiley Field, Wells, NV 89835 – 70 mins.
Wendover Cinema & Video, 375 Aria Blvd, Wendover, UT 84083 – 71 mins.
Peppermill Concert Hall, 680 Wendover Blvd, West Wendover, NV 89883 – 68 mins.
Wendover Mini Mall, Wells Ave, West Wendover, NV 89883 – 69 mins.
Eli’s Market, 1483 Butte St, West Wendover, NV 89883 – 70 mins.
Toana Vista Golf Course, 2319 Pueblo Blvd, West Wendover, NV 89883 – 69 mins.
Rainbow Casino & Hotel, 1045 Wendover Blvd, West Wendover, NV 89883 – 70 mins.
Assessor Websitehttps://www.elkocountynv.net/departments/assessor1/index.php 
Treasurer Website:https://www.elkocountynv.net/departments/treasurer20/index.php 
Recorder/Clerk Website:https://www.elkocountynv.net/departments/recorder/index.php 
Zoning Department Website:http://cms2.revize.com/revize/elkocountynevada/departments/planning_and_zoning/ 
GIS Website:http://gis.elkocountynv.net:1402/maps/index.html 
CAD Website:n/a 
Planning Dept Contact:775-738-6816 
Recorder/Clerk Contact:775-738-6526 
Tax Office Contact:775-738-5694 
Assessor’s Office Contact:775-738-5217 
Are there any back taxes for this property? If yes, how much is the amount owed?None 
Are there any liens for this property? If yes, how much is the amount owed?None 
How much is the annual property tax?$17.57 
Is property part of an HOA?The county doesn’t have information about HOA 
How much is the annual HOA due?N/a 
Are there any HOA dues? If yes, how much is the total amount owed?N/a 
What is the zoning of the property?OS – Open space (agricultural) .https://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/getBookData.php?chapter_id=35708#s1358481
Terrain type?Level 
Property use code?N/a 
Is the land cleared?Yes 
Is the property buildable? Any other restrictions?Yes 
What can be built on the property?

►Permitted Uses:
1. Botanical conservatory.
2. Field and truck crops.
3. Orchards and vineyards.
4. Nurseries and greenhouses.
5. Crop drying.
6. Dairies and the processing of dairy products.
7. Animal breeding and raising, including horses, swine, sheep, goats, cattle, rabbits and similar animals.
8. Aviary.
9. Riding academies and stables.
10. Poultry raising, eggs and hatcheries.
11. Hay and straw sale and storage.
12. Pasture.
13. Livestock ranches.
14. Vegetable or flower farms.
15. Necessary housing for farm workers whose employment is necessary to agricultural operations conducted on the same parcel of land.
16. Apiary (beehives).
17. Home occupations.
18. Family cemetery

►Conditional Uses:
1. Recreational lodge.
2. Church.
3. School, attendance at which satisfies the requirements of the compulsory education laws of the state.
4. Utility or public service facility, when operating requirements necessitate its location within the district.
5. Park, playground or community recreation area operated by a governmental agency or nonprofit community organization.
6. Golf course.
7. Permanent farm labor camp.
8. Bed and breakfast.
9. One guesthouse per parcel

►Accessory Uses:
1. Residence of the owner, owners, lessee or lessor of the kind upon which use is conducted.
2. Residence of bona fide employees.
3. Approved incidental uses pertaining to conditional uses when authorized by the planning commission.
4. All necessary farm storage, administration or other buildings or enclosures customarily required for the efficient operation of any of the permitted uses. 

Is there a total size restriction for any structures on the lot? The minimum parcel size of land in an open space zoning district shall be one-sixteenth (1/16) of a cadastral survey section or forty (40) acres. No parcel shall have an average width of less than five hundred feet (500′)https://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/getBookData.php?chapter_id=35708#s1358481
Are there any building height restrictions?Cannot be higher than three storieshttps://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/getBookData.php?chapter_id=35708#s1358481
Is there any time limit to build?None 
Is there a County or City Impact fee required to build and if so how much does this cost? None 
What is the minimum lot size to build on the property?The minimum parcel size of land in an open space zoning district shall be one-sixteenth (1/16) of a cadastral survey section or forty (40) acres. No parcel shall have an average width of less than five hundred feet (500′).https://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/getBookData.php?chapter_id=35708#s1358481
What are the setbacks of the lot? Front yard – 50 feet 
Rear yard – 30 feet 
Side yard – 20 feet 
Can we camp on the property?Yes 
Notes on Camping  
RV’s allowed on the property?Yes 
Note’s on RV’sRVs are allowed. 
Mobile homes allowed on property?Yes 
Notes on mobile homesMobile homes are allowed. 
Are tiny houses or small cabins allowed in the  property?Yes 
Is the property in a flood zone and if so what needs to be done to the lot in order to build? Not in the flood zone area 
Is the property in the city or MUD district?ELKO COUNTY UNINCORPORATED AREAS 
Does the property have water connected?Not availableYes, No or Do Not Know(If Yes: City Water, Well)
If No: Water?Need to dig a well.If no, do we have to dig a well or there are city water?
Does the property currently have Sewer or septic?Not availableYes, No or Do Not Know
If no: Sewer or Septic?Need to install septic.Is there sewer system that the plat connected to? Do we have to put a septic tank?
Does the property currently have electricty connected?Not connectedYes, No or Do Not Know 
What electric company services this property? Provide the phone number and name of person that provided the info or the webpage in which the information was gathered.Cannot determined what company services in the area. 
Gas?No gasIs there hook up to a gas to a lot?
Waste?NoneWill the county or city pick up the trash?

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  • $299 Down
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