Adventure Seekers Paradise

This property is near thousands of BLM acres so you get more space than you pay for! So whether your next adventure is a short trip up Lamoille Canyon, water activities at Southfork or Wild Horse Reservoirs, an ATV or snowmobiling trip at Merritt Mountain or just enjoying the many activities that Elko County has to offer, you will discover why “The Adventure Starts Here!”

Please come and enjoy this 1.13 acre raw Land in Elko County, 10 miles from the town of Elko, Nevada. You can build your off grid home on this 1.13 acre vacant land. Private but still close to town for food and supplies. Great mountain views! This is your Destination for Relaxation.

You can spend weekends and holidays hiking around the South Fork State Recreation Area, Lamoille Canyon and Ruby Mountain. BLM access and nearby Humboldt River, you have endless outdoor activities.

RV and camping allowed.

Good place for outdoor activities like hiking, off roading, river activities or anything else you can dream up!

Buying raw land is an investment you can pass on to the next generation.


Owner’s Name on the Tax record:Aspen Land Holdings LLC 
APN/Parcel #:031-011-052 
Account # or GEO #:n/a 
Property Address:0 Pearl Ave, Spring Creek, NV 89815 
County:Elko County, Nevada 
Lot Number:n/a 
Parcel Size:1.13 Acres 
Subdivision:LAST CHANCE RANCH 2 
Parcel Dimensions:293.65 ft x 306.78 ft x 297.36 ft x 306.25 ft approx 
GPS Center Coordinates:40.846, -115.631 
GPS Coordinates (4 Corners):40.846, -115.631
40.846, -115.631
40.846, -115.631
40.846, -115.631
Google map link: 
Elevation:5822 ft. 
Access to Property (Dirt or Paved):DirtDirt, Paved, Plated but not Built, No Roads (Land Lock) or Other
Is there an StructureNoYes or No (If Yes: Explain)
Closest major city:Elko, Nevada – 22 mins 
If No Address or 0 address: Closest Property with Numbered Address1276 Kimberly Ave, Spring Creek, NV 89815 
Closest small town:Arthur, Nevada – 1hour 3mins 
Nearby attractions:Northeastern Nevada Museum – 21 mins
Main City Park – 22 mins
Cowboy Gear and Arts Museum – 22 mins
Western Folklife Center – 22 mins
Angel Park – 25 mins
Spring Creek Marina – 23 mins
Walmart Supercenter – 28 mins
Assessor Website 
Treasurer Website: 
Recorder/Clerk Website: 
Zoning Department Website: 
GIS Website: 
CAD Website: 
Planning Dept Contact:775-738-6816 
Recorder/Clerk Contact:775-753-4600 
Tax Office Contact:775-738-5694 
Assessor’s Office Contact:775-738-5217 
Are there any back taxes for this property? If yes, how much is the amount owed?NoProvided by Ms. Dianna of Treasurers Office
Are there any liens for this property? If yes, how much is the amount owed?If the taxes is not yet paid the assessor’s offic will put a liens on the property 
How much is the annual property tax?$21.59 
Is property part of an HOA?N/a 
Is yes, how much are the dues?N/a 
What is the zoning of the property?AR (AGRICULTURAL-RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT) 
Terrain type:FlatIs it flat or slope?
Property use code:N/a 
Is The Land Cleared?Yes 
Is the property buildable?Yes 
What can be built on the property?

(A) Permitted Uses: The following uses are permitted in the AR district:
1. Single-family dwellings not to exceed one unit on each parcel of land.
2. Orchards.
3. Vegetable crops.
4. Gardens.
5. Rodeo and roping arenas.
6. Public parks and campgrounds.
7. Nurseries and greenhouses.
8. Private stables.
9. Home occupations.

(B) Conditional Uses: The following are conditional uses in the AR district, permitted only when authorized by the planning commission:
1. Schools.
2. Libraries.
3. Museums.
4. Churches.
5. Retreats.
6. Monasteries.
7. Convents.
8. Riding academies.
9. Resort hotels.
10. Noncommercial clubs.
11. Golf courses.
12. Country clubs.
13. Riding and polo fields.
14. Invalid or invalid caretaker secondary housing. A secondary independent living unit on a lot or parcel already developed to the maximum density allowed in the district, for the housing of an invalid family member or a caretaker of an invalid family member residing in the primary residence on the parcel, subject to the following:
(a) The dwelling may be attached or detached from the primary residence. A mobile home may not be attached to the primary residence.
(b) The floor area of the secondary dwelling may not exceed that of the primary dwelling.
(c) The conditional use permit must be reviewed within two (2) years and every two (2) years thereafter.
(d) The secondary dwelling must be removed if it is a mobile structure when it is no longer used for invalid or invalid caretaker housing. In the case of an attached or conventionally constructed dwelling where removal is impractical, the unit may not be utilized as rental housing. (Ord. 1993-U, 1-6-1994, eff. 1-24-1994)

(C) Minimum Parcel Size: The minimum land parcel size for any permitted use shall be one acre. No parcel shall have an average width of less than one hundred fifty feet (150′).

(D) Yards: The minimum requirements for yards shall be as follows:
– Front Yard = 50 feet
– Rear Yard = 30 feet
– Side Yard = 20 feet

(E) Building Height: No building or structure shall have more than three (3) stories or a height in excess of forty feet (40′). No accessory building shall have a height in excess of twenty five feet (25′). (Ord. 01-2019, 3-6-2019, eff. 4-19-2019)

(F) Automobile Parking: For each dwelling unit, two (2) off street parking spaces shall be provided. For other permitted or conditional uses, parking shall be as approved by the Planning Commission.

(G) Signs: No sign or nameplate for residences shall exceed three (3) square feet in size. For conditional uses, signs shall be controlled by the requirements of chapter 8 of this title. (Ord. 1975-A, 3-5-1975, eff. 4-1-1975)

(H) Maintenance Of Animals: The permanent maintenance of not more than a reasonable number of “domestic animals” as defined in chapter 1 of this title not to include swine on a lot occupied by a dwelling shall be a permitted accessory use so long as such maintenance is for hobby or family use, and is not a full time commercial operation. Animals other than those designated shall require Planning Commission approval. The following limitations shall apply: (Ord. 2015-08, 4-1-2015, eff. 4-17-2015)
1. No accessory building used as a stable for any animals shall be located less than thirty five feet (35′) from any dwelling or less than twenty feet (20′) from any lot line, or less than sixty feet (60′) from any front lot line, any school grounds or any public park or open space. (Ord. 1975-A, 3-5-1975, eff. 4-1-1975)
2. No paddock, shed, corral, or barn set off for use by domestic or other animals, shall occupy any part of a required front yard.
3. The keeping and breeding of swine shall only be permitted for FFA, 4-H and similar children’s development groups as projects related to the development program. At no time shall there be more than two (2) breeding sows, the most recent litter for each sow, and one boar on a parcel. Breeding projects may be from farrow to finish. (Ord. 2015-08, 4-1-2015, eff. 4-17-2015)

Different types of homes that we can build on the lots.
Is there any time limit to build?Building permit is good for 1 year 
Can you camp on the property?YesIf we buy this property can the owner camp there?
Notes on Camping?28 days at a time 
RV’s allowed on the property?YesIs RV’s allowed on the property? Please ask if there is restrictions.
Note’s on RV’sIif they hooked up to an approved septic system, if not they must be moved after 28 days 
Mobile homes allowed on property?YesIs mobile homes allowed on the property? Please ask if there is restrictions.
Notes on mobile homes?If they hooked up to an approved septic system. 
Is the property in the flood zone area?Not in the flood zone area 
Is the property in the city or MUD district?ELKO COUNTY UNINCORPORATED AREAS 
Does the property have water connected?N/aYes, No or Do Not Know(If Yes: City Water, Well)
If No: Water?Need to dig a wellIf no, do we have to dig a well or there are city water?
Does the property currently have Sewer or septic?N/aYes, No or Do Not Know
If no: Sewer or Septic?Need to install septicIs there sewer system that the plat connected to? Do we have to put a septic tank?
Does property Currently Have Electricty connected?N/aYes, No or Do Not Know 
What electric company services this property? Provide the phone number and name of person that provided the info or the webpage in which the information was gathered.There is no electricity available in the area where the property is located 
Gas?NoneIs there hook up to a gas to a lot?
Waste?NoneWill the county or city pick up the trash?

Owner Finance Options

$ 140 Per Month 36 Months
  • Pay it off faster
  • $150 Down
  • $199 Doc Fee
  • 0% Interest

Owner Finance Options

$ 105 Per Month 48 Months
  • Most popular
  • $150 Down
  • $199 Doc Fee
  • 0% Interest

Owner Finance Options

$ 85 Per Month 60 Months
  • Cheapest Payment
  • $150 Down
  • $199 Doc Fee
  • 0% Interest

Cash Discount Price

$ 4500
  • Own It Today!
  • Build Your Dream Home!
  • $199 Doc Fee
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